Watching The Rain

(And Other Falling Objects)

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Hello, unfortunate bystanders who've stumbled across this profile!
You may address me as a multitude of things; Niya, Nixie, Tora, Salace, Leelee, and so many others I won't bore you with. (And of course tack on a -Chan on the end!)

Simply put, I'm a Feminist, Environmentalist, and a Grammar Nazi (who hates that phrase) who speaks sarcasm fluidly. I'm a lefty living in a righty world.

In reality, I'm about as shy as you can get. I'm a real introvert. But online I'm more like the person I want to be.

My passions are writing and photography. I could spend hours reading. I love any kind of music. (From country to rap to hard, head-banging rock.) Just call me a bookworm and get it over with. I'm a band geek, and proud of it. I loathe all things stereotypical or sexist (Remember, you're dealing with a Feminist here) so don't even get me started on things such as that.

Anyways...I've wasted enough of your time.